Order Your 401k Easy Docs

401k Easy Docs is for new and already-existing 401k plans, including plans serving only one employer (spouse OK, too). We use different order forms for new versus already-existing plans, as there is additional information to collect when we take on an already-existing plan.

Completing the appropriate order form is a great way to ask specific questions about a 401k Easy Docs plan for your company. Each relevant item has an "Unsure. Please contact..." button. You can use the order form to provide us with specific information about your company size, make-up, etc., to facilitate speedy responses to your questions. SUBMITTING AN ORDER FORM IN NO WAY OBLIGATES YOU TO PURCHASE 401k Easy Docs. Your actual purchase of 401k Easy Docs is initiated ONLY AFTER you have discussed your order with our 401k Easy Docs Representative, and then make a decision to proceed with the purchase.

New 401k Easy Docs Order Form

Use this form if 401k Easy Docs prototype will be your company's first set of 401k documents.

Conversion 401k Easy Docs Order From

Use this form if you are requesting we convert an already-existing set of plan documents into a 401k Easy Docs prototype.

One Person 401k Easy Docs Order Form

Use this form for a new one-person (plus spouse) set of prototype plan documents.

  • No money due at this time: The order fulfillment process

  • A 401k Easy Docs representative will call you within 24 hours of your submission of an online order form. The representative will explain and help you with understanding any items you marked as "Unsure" in the order form, and to answer any additional questions you have.

    After all your questions are answered, if you want to proceed with your order you will be able to pay the one-time setup fee over the phone using Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal, or by sending us payment by check; there is a five-day holding period on all check orders.

    As soon as we receive your 401k Easy Docs setup fee, we will prepare your official 401k Adoption Agreement and Summary Plan Description, and other documents, and send them to you for your review and approval.

  • Help with completing your order form

  • You can of course call us any weekday during normal business hours (Pacific time) at (800) 660-0050 if you need help with completing your order form, however we recommend that you instead complete as much of the appropriate order form as you can - about your company size, for instance - and then use the "Unsure. Please contact...." buttons for any items with which you would like to consult with a 401k Easy Docs 401k professional. We likely will need the basic information about your company to give specific answers regarding plan design options open to it.

    We will not share any information you submit with any outside third- party. We use your information only to answer your questions and create your customized 401k product.

  • You can use the order form to request plan-specific information

  • As we mention in the preceding answer, you can use our order forms to request information about 401k Easy Docs and its suitability to your company's needs. Simply provide the basic information about your company, then click the "Unsure. Please contact..." button for any applicable item. A representative will call you within 24 business hours to answer your questions and review with you your 401k options.

  • You Are Never Locked Into Your Option Decisions

  • You are never locked into your 401k Easy Docs design decisions. We have many clients that, for instance, exclude 401k loans in the early years of their plan, then add the option in at a later date. You can have us modify your prototype plan documents at any time for only $ 195.

  • Converting an existing 401k plan documents to 401k Easy Docs takes only days.

  • Converting existing 401k plan documents to 401k Easy Docs takes only days. Dissatisfied with your current 401k plan documents? With the lack of service its vendors provide? With their lack of responsiveness to the needs of your company and its employees? Is your current 401k plan worth the aggravation - and all those fees?

    • Consider having us convert your existing 401k plan set of documents into a 401k Easy Docs package of custom documents. Please go to Conversion Plan Order Form.
    • Most small businesses save up to 80% per year in 401k document -related expenses by switching to 401k Easy Docs.

    We have nearly 30 years of experience in all phases of 401k administration, including plan takeovers (aka, conversions). We are experts in finding economical, straight-forward solutions to even the most complex 401k issues.